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Here is a list of some of the software we use ourselves and highly recommend:

Xero or Quickbooks bookkeeping software

  • Daily automatic secure bank feed of transactions ready to be “matched” off against your income and expenses invoices and receipts.
  • Able to send sales invoices and regular payment reminders from within the software as well as collect payment with card options on the invoice or by linking up to GoCardless.
  • Accessible wherever you are in the world and on your phone – just need an internet connection!
  • Able to prepare VAT returns, budgets and other management reports and ratios from within the software.

Receipt Bank expense scanning software

  • Integrates with Xero and Quickbooks.
  • Removes a huge admin burden from having to manually enter receipt and invoice data.
  • Extracts the key data e.g. supplier, date, VAT, total, from your receipts and stores it securely in the cloud with a digital copy of your receipt.
  • No need to keep paper receipts anymore!
  • Lots of ways to upload data – e.g. phone app, by email, website upload.
  • It can transform your life!
  • We provide it FREE of charge to all our business customers!

GoCardless direct debit for quick payments

  • “The easy way to collect Direct Debits”
  • Integrates easily with Xero (also links to Quickbooks) so you can collect payments from customers on sales invoices fast.
  • No more time getting stressed and having to waste time and effort in chasing payments.
  • Significant improvement in cash flow for small businesses.
  • We use it ourselves to collect our monthly client fees.

Float forecasting software

  • The future of forecasting and budgeting for small businesses!
  • Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis, showing e.g. what happens to your profits if sales go up by 10%.
  • Links up with Xero and Quickbooks to provide real-time accurate forecasts.
  • No more relying on Excel to track cash flow projections and budgets!

Sharefile secure client portal

  • Easy and fast exchange of data between you and us.
  • E-signatures to get your tax returns and accounts approved and submitted on time.
  • Able to upload records to the portal for us to access.
  • Time saved and money saved from reduced paper, printing and postage.

Zoom online meeting software

  • Easy to set up and use for video conferencing and online meetings from your desk.
  • Cuts out the travel time for meetings.
  • Host meetings with people in different parts of the UK and further afield.
  • Able to share screen presentations and slides.
  • High quality audio and visual performance.