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Tax Returns

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Do you need help to meet the annual self-assessment tax return deadline?

  • We can review your affairs to see if you need to complete a tax return.
  • We can register you with HMRC to get a tax return on your behalf.
  • We can prepare and complete the tax return for you and let you know if you have tax to pay or if you are due a refund.
  • We can we look at ways to save you tax, leaving you with more money in your pocket to spend.

Do you have a rental property?

Are you claiming all the expenses and allowances available?

People often prefer to get an accountant to prepare their tax return to record their rental property income, as it gives them peace of mind that it has been completed by a qualified and experienced tax advisor.

We have years of experience in this sector, helping clients to save tax by ensuring that they claim all the relevant costs and allowances available on their tax returns each year.

We also advise on how to own the property from a tax perspective and whether it already does, or how it could, qualify for principal private residence exemption on sale.

  • Can I claim the cost of a new wardrobe and bed?
  • What happens if I have a rental loss, can it be offset against my salary?
  • Can I claim for the mortgage repayments that I make?
  • I have just replaced the windows; will I get tax relief now or when I sell the house?
  • What’s this rule about restriction of tax relief on mortgage interest and will it affect me?

Are you a tradesperson and do you need help completing your Tax Return?

If you’re a self-employed carpenter, plumber, plasterer, painter, gardener, electrician, or other tradesperson, you need to complete a tax return.

We are experienced in dealing with the tax affairs of self-employed tradespeople and we will be able to help you too.

Benefits to you from using us include:

  • Fixed fee price for completing your tax return.
  • Quick turnaround from when you send in your records - if you get tax deducted under the CIS rules and are due a refund, we can complete the tax return promptly which means you get your refund processed by HMRC faster.
  • We check that you are claiming for all the relevant costs and allowances available.
  • We take on-board the hassle of completing your tax return and dealing with HMRC on your behalf with queries, so that you can focus on your work.